Underfloor Insulation

Product Code - 400mm x 3

Experience superior insulation with COSiFLOOR, a revolutionary product that combines high-performance Knauf Earthwool with a permeable membrane with tensile strength. It is designed for difficult areas and offers the highest level of safety and convenience of installation.





  • Benefits
Key Benefits
  • Protection Against Draughts and Moisture Infiltration: Wave goodbye to draughts and moisture intrusion. COSiFLOOR establishes a strong barrier that keeps the atmosphere cosy and dry.
  • Effective Heat Retention: Easily reduce heat loss. With COSiFLOOR, you can reduce energy waste and maintain a comfortable temperature in your environment.
  • Fibre Control: Enjoy a more hygienic environment as migrating fibres are decreased, improving the quality of indoor air.
  • Flexibility in Installation: COSiFLOOR is ideal for do-it-yourselfers and contractors alike since it is simple to install in any area. Save time and make sure the insulation is effective.
  • Overlapping tabs for a Secure Fix: The overlapping tabs ensure that the insulation remains in place for optimal efficacy and provides a hassle-free, secure installation.
  • Perfect Finish: With COSiFLOOR, you may keep your glossy appearance without sagging and with a clean, smooth finish.

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