Great British Insulation Scheme

Save up to 80% of the cost of insulation with GBIS.

In our collaborative effort against climate change, the Great British Insulation Scheme, is a bold government project designed to revolutionise energy efficiency across the country. This ground-breaking programme is ready to revolutionise the way we insulate our houses, making them not only warmer and more pleasant but also much greener.

Great British Insulation Scheme

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Why Use the Great British Insulation Scheme?

Discover why it's worthwhile investigating if your home qualifies for the Great British Insulation Scheme, as well as more information on how it works and what to expect from the service. 

Our latest blog dives into how the Great British Insulation Scheme works, the long-standing benefits it can bring to your home and how Ignite Property Group will help from checking your eligibility through to installation. 

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In the present environment of rising energy prices, it is essential to understand your home's insulation needs and how you might save money.

Insulation, whether it be in the loft or cavity walls, helps to keep your home's heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer. One of the greatest methods to increase energy efficiency, lower your expenses, benefit the environment, and lower your carbon footprint is to invest in insulation for your house.

Great British Insulation Scheme

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Great British Insulation Scheme

Ignite Property Group are proud to be offering our services to assist with the Great British Insulation Scheme.

The scheme has been designed so that you are likely to need to contribute only 10-20% of the installation cost, helping you save a significant amount of money. Use our eligibility calculator to see if you qualify for the scheme.

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