Deluxe Radiator Foil

Product Code - 4M L X 47 mm

The secret to increasing your heating system's efficiency is radiator reflector foil. By rerouting radiant heat from chilly external walls back into your living area, our reflector foils are made to prevent heat loss. This creative approach reduces energy losses dramatically by functioning as a reflecting barrier, which results in significant savings on your yearly fuel expenditure.





  • Benefits
Key Benefits
  • Effective Heat Retention: Use our Radiator Reflector Foil to keep heat from escaping into chilly outside walls, keeping the warmth in your room where you need it most.
  • Reflective Barrier Technology: Reduce energy losses with the use of reflecting barrier technology, which can help you find a more affordable and environmentally friendly heating option.
  • Simple Installation: Our Radiator Reflector Foil is a hassle-free way to improve the energy efficiency of your house. It is also simple to install.
  • Significant Heat Loss decrease: Ensure that your heating system operates more efficiently and that your energy costs are considerably reduced with up to a 50% decrease in heat loss.

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