News Is Your Home Summer-Ready? Tips for Staying Cool With Insulation


Is Your Home Summer-Ready? Tips for Staying Cool With Insulation

Home insulation is our hero in the winter months, keeping us warm and cosy. But did you know it's just as important in the summer? 

Properly fitted high-quality insulation acts as a two-way thermal barrier and is not just about keeping the heat in, but also about keeping it out, especially in the summer months, when you want to remain cool. Here's how high-quality insulation from Ignite Property Group, your trusted local insulation experts can help make your home a haven from the summer heat, reducing air conditioning bills and saving you money in the process.

How Does Insulation Help Keep Your Property Cool?

Most people associate insulation with keeping warm in the winter, but it's equally important for summer comfort and energy savings.  Think of insulation as a thermal barrier that works both ways. In the winter, it traps heat inside your home. In the summer, it acts as a shield, preventing outdoor temperatures from radiating through walls, roofs, and floors. 

This keeps your living space feeling noticeably cooler and reduces your reliance on fans or air conditioning.  Ultimately, proper insulation helps you maintain a stable and comfortable temperature year-round, leading to significant energy cost savings in both summer and winter.


  1. Thermal Barrier: High-quality insulation acts like a shield, blocking heat from radiating through your roof, walls, and floors. This prevents your home from becoming an oven on hot days, keeping the inside feeling noticeably cooler.
  2. Reduced Heat Gain: Insulation slows down the natural transfer of heat, making it harder for outdoor temperatures to infiltrate your living space. This keeps the cool air you generate naturally through opening windows at night, or by using fans, from being replaced by hot air.
  3. Maintains Cooler Airflow: Proper insulation helps regulate the temperature within your home by minimising air leaks. These leaks can allow hot air from outside to seep in and disrupt the cool air circulation you've established.
  4. Less Reliance on Fans: With effective insulation, your home's temperature remains more stable, reducing the need to constantly run fans at high speeds. This not only saves you money on electricity but also creates a quieter and more peaceful environment.
  5. Cooler Attics and Basements: Uninsulated attics and basements can act like heat traps, radiating warmth down into your living areas. Insulation in these spaces prevents them from becoming sources of unwanted heat, contributing to a cooler overall home environment.

Keeping You Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter: Expert Insulation

At Ignite Property Group, we are your one-stop shop for year-round comfort with our comprehensive range of insulation solutions. We specialise in installing top-of-the-line loft insulation (using Knauf materials) and cavity wall insulation (using Climabead), ensuring your home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

  • Expert Home Assessment: We start with a thorough inspection to pinpoint areas where heat gain or loss is a problem. This ensures we recommend the most effective and budget-friendly insulation solutions for your specific needs.
  • Quality Materials, Expert Installation: We use only market-leading insulation materials and ensure a professional, efficient installation process. Our team minimises disruption and handles all waste disposal, so you can relax and enjoy the benefits.
  • Reduced Energy Bills, Year-Round Comfort: Proper insulation translates to lower energy costs throughout the year. You can stay cool in the summer without relying heavily on fans, and warm in the winter while using less heating.

Invest in Your Comfort, Save on Energy Bills this Summer

Don't let the summer heat break the bank. Proper insulation is a smart investment that can significantly improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency throughout the year. So, consider making insulation a priority for your next home improvement project.

By investing in professional insulation from Ignite Property Group you'll enjoy a more comfortable home while saving money on your energy bills. To upgrade your home insulation and experience the difference, contact us today for a consultation and let us help you create a comfortable and energy-efficient home. 



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