8.5W Large Bayonet LED Lighting - Warm White

Product Code - 8.5W Warm White

Compared to conventional 60W incandescent bulbs and CFLs, this A60 LED Bulb is a clean, greener option that will save your energy costs.
This A60 LED Bulb has a broad 200'D beam angle that improves lighting coverage, and its sophisticated SMD LED chip reduces heat emissions, making it a more environmentally friendly lighting option.





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Key Benefits

With its 60x108mm dimensions and thermal plastic body construction, this product offers a dependable and long-lasting illumination option.
This A60 LED bulb, which uses just 10w to operate, outperforms conventional bulbs in terms of energy efficiency by an astounding 80%, which lowers maintenance expenses by reducing the need for frequent relamping. It will provide light for up to 20,000 hours over its lifetime.

Widely employed in both residential and commercial settings, this A60 LED bulb from Ignite Property Group delivers superior quality and hassle-free installation. Illuminate your space with confidence and efficiency.

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