Loft Lid

Product Code - Loft Lid

The Loft Lid is an ingenious solution for securely installing downlights within your loft area.

The Loft Lid is a protective shield, ensuring that loft insulation doesn't come into direct contact with the light fixture. Additionally, it guarantees ample ventilation around the light for effective heat dissipation.

The Loft Lid improves energy efficiency by preventing heat loss and air leakage into the loft. It also allows for a continuous layer of insulation to be placed over the lid, ensuring compliance with current building regulations.

Thanks to its unique design, the Loft Lid is effortlessly installed, even when downlights are situated near roof joists or trusses. It offers sufficient space to accommodate all significant downlighter brands, supporting a maximum power rating of up to 50W*.

Enhance the safety and efficiency of your loft lighting with the Loft Lid.





  • Benefits
  • Specifications
  • Creates a secure, airtight enclosure for loft downlights.
  • Minimises heat loss and drafts through ceiling.
  • Reduces the risk of downlights overheating.
  • Adheres to relevant British Standards in testing.

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