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Established in 2021, Ignite Property Group Ltd emerged with a singular focus: to provide comprehensive new build property snagging services and thermal imaging surveys conducted by NHBC-trained surveyors and technical members of the RPSA.

Building upon this foundation of expertise and dedication, we swiftly expanded our offerings in 2022 to encompass insulation services, furthering our commitment to optimising home energy efficiency. Today, Ignite Property Group Ltd stands as a beacon of integrity and quality in the construction industry, empowering homeowners with the knowledge and assurance they deserve.

Our Journey

At Ignite Property Group Ltd, our journey began with a deep-seated commitment to transform standards in the construction industry. Fuelled by years of hands-on experience within the sector, we recognised a pressing need to hold house builders accountable and champion improved quality in new homes. Our mission became to empower individuals who have been previously let down by a lack of expertise and oversight.

As proud members of the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA), we adhere rigorously to the latest new build inspection and reporting standards. The RPSA are the only organisation to publish guidelines on new build snagging, so you can feel confident turning to Ignite Property Group Ltd to appoint a professional to survey your property. We believe in delivering premium advice and improving quality standards, so you feel secure choosing our snagging, thermal imaging  or insulation services. 

Our Services

Snagging Services

Purchasing a new home should be a joyous occasion, yet all too often, buyers encounter unforeseen issues post-purchase. The NHBC reports that 54% of new build purchasers have more than three issues with their properties and many minor issues are left unmentioned when the property is signed off. Our snagging services address this disparity by meticulously scrutinising every aspect of your property. Led by NHBC-trained surveyors, we leave no stone unturned, ensuring that your dream home meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Find out more about our snagging services here. Or, if you have a question, visit our FAQ page. 

Thermal Imaging Services

To provide comprehensive peace of mind, we also offer thermal imaging surveys to optimise your home's energy efficiency. By identifying potential thermal inefficiencies, we empower homeowners to reduce energy consumption and slash utility bills—an investment that pays dividends for years to come.A thermal imaging survey can help identify areas of concern, such as heat loss, missing insulation and dampness. This can help a homeowner decide on a course of action and reduce their bills in the long run. 

Find out more about our thermal imaging here. Or, discover some of our frequently asked questions when it comes to a thermal imaging survey. 

Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation Services 

While most properties after the 1990s have insulation of some description, properties prior to this point often have very little to no insulation as standard. Therefore, there is a real need for insulation services, particularly with the current energy crisis, to not only save money in the short term but to also see an instant impact on home temperatures. This means saving customers money for many years to come and ensuring homes are as energy efficient as possible. Cavity wall and loft insulation is beneficial for homes without any insulation, but also a valuable service for those that have existing insulation which may need replacing due to bad workmanship, age and progression of technology and equipment. As such, our insulation services offer an all-encompassing way to truly make your home as energy efficient as possible.

Discover more about our insulation services here. Can't find the answer you are looking for? Visit our FAQ page

Our Products

As well as offering professional services, Ignite Property Group have a range of home-improvement products, for those who would like to consider a bit of DIY. This includes insulation and draught-proofing products, all designed to help boost your home efficiency. Browse our latest products here. 

Continued Commitment 

As part of the continual efforts to combat climate change and promote energy efficiency, Ignite Property Group committed to long-term energy-saving solutions for homeowners with an involvement in The Great British Insulation Scheme. This is a government-backed programme aimed to encourage and provide support to homeowners to improve their energy efficiency by enhancing their home insulation. Ignite Property Group is committed to making a meaningful impact on both the environment and helping households thrive through financially difficult times. By taking a proactive approach, we can help ensure households can reap the benefits of lower energy bills. Find out more about The Great British Insulation Scheme here. 

Our commitment to providing a quality service is backed by our accreditations, including Property Ombudsman, National Insulation Association, Checkatrade and RPSA. 

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