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Thermal Imaging FAQs

A thermal imaging survey can be carried out on all properties, new or old, and help identify areas of concern, such as heat loss, missing insulation and dampness. This can help a homeowner decide on a course of action and reduce their bills in the long run.

How does thermal imaging work? Here, we try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about a thermal imaging survey.

What is a thermal imaging survey? 

A thermal imaging survey is the process of inspecting a property with a thermographic camera. A thermographic camera detects different temperatures throughout a property, creating a thermal image. From this, our expert surveyors can assess and report on the efficiency and condition of your property. 

Using the latest and very best Seek Thermal Cameras, our teams can provide detailed thermal reports on your property. Our reports are easy to understand and read, and include a description and pictures of our findings to highlight any potential areas of concern. 

View an example thermal imaging survey here.

Why is a thermal imaging survey useful?

There are many reasons a thermal imaging survey can be useful to you. The most common reason for this type of survey is to assess the energy efficiency of your home. Now more than ever, homeowners are conscious of their energy usage and how much they are spending on heating their home and a thermal imaging survey can help to reduce that. Our report will detail the quality and amount of insulation in your cavities, the quality of the seals on windows, doors and any other areas that can allow heat to escape and ensure that your central heating systems heats up to sufficient temperatures. 

We find that many homes have insufficient insulation and seals, which can cost you hundreds of pounds every year in heating bills. A thermal imaging survey will therefore give you a clear conscience that you're doing your bit, to use as little oil, gas and electricity as possible, and help to save costs wherever you can! Find out how you can save yourself money with a thermal imaging survey. 

A thermal imaging survey is also particularly useful for detecting areas with water leaks and damp. If you're moving into a new property or have concerns about your home, a thermal imaging survey can detect hidden leaks, damp and problems with electrical systems before they become visible and a problem. Finding these issues early is key, allowing them to be treated and rectified with as little disruption and cost as possible. 

You can book a thermal imaging survey with us, if you have concerns about your property. 

What do I do with the results, once the thermal imaging survey has been carried out?

This will always depend on the findings within the survey. If you're lucky enough that your report finds your home is efficient, dry and warm, you won't need to do anything. However, if our experts detect some causes for concern, your next course of action will depend on what we find.

The most common faults with houses is insufficient cavity insulation and air leaks from places such as vents or windows. Ignite Property Group also offer insulation services and will be happy to help with any problem areas where cavity wall or loft insulation needs replacing or installed.

Our expert team are always on hand to ask questions and to provide advice. They will always explain their findings with you provide their best recommendations as to what you should do next. If you'd like to find out more, you can contact us. 

How much does a thermal imaging survey cost?

Thermal imaging surveys are massively beneficial in saving money in the longterm. 

Our thermal imaging surveys start from £250 for a flat or £299 for a house. 

See thermal imaging pricing for our full pricing packages. 

Can any property have a thermal imaging survey carried out?

Yes! Any property can and should have a thermal imaging survey. Whether you suspect damp or want to save money on your energy bills, our expert surveyors can survey any property. With the energy crisis worsening, it's wise to locate problem areas within your home with the use of a thermal imaging camera. 

Is a thermal imaging house survey right for me?

Are you looking to reduce your energy bills? Make your house warmer? Reduce your carbon footprint? Check your electrical circuit? Check your house for damp? 

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you can book your survey with us today

What can I expect from a thermal imaging survey?

Our expert team will use the latest Seek thermal imaging technology to survey your property. Our surveyors will capture images and videos of your property, both internal and external, to provide you with a detailed report and the imagery to summarise your property. You can expect your report within 48 hours of your survey. 

We will clearly explain our findings and will take the time to discuss with you the efficiency of your property and the next steps, if required.

Take a look at an example of our thermal imaging report here. You can also find out more about how thermal imaging surveys will help save money here.



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