News Ignite Property Group: A Year of Growth in 2023


Ignite Property Group: A Year of Growth in 2023

As we say goodbye to another incredible year, Ignite Property Group looks back on a year filled with tremendous growth, innovative projects, and a continuous dedication to improving homes' energy efficiency throughout the country. To better serve our clients in 2023, we've broadened our horizons, added new personnel, and varied our services. This is a summary of our year's adventures:

Survey Milestone

Throughout 2023, our team have made a significant impact by completing 864 surveys. By completing heat loss surveys for our Thermal Imaging service, home insulation surveys and snagging surveys, we gain a unique understanding of the requirements of each property. We can then tailor our services and recommendations to each home to maximise energy efficiency and help create sustainable homes. 

Diversification: Providing Services and Products Beyond the Survey

Ignite Property Group has increased the range of solutions it offers to improve home insulation, building on our core services. We now offer homeowners alternatives to assist them in making their houses more energy-efficient in addition to our professional inspections. This expansion of our offerings is consistent with our goal of creating eco-friendly and comfortable houses.

We now offer insulation to purchase by the roll to allow homeowners to insulate their homes and we also offer a comprehensive guide to help you along the way. We will be expanding our offerings soon to include other insulating materials and methods to help you keep warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. 

Dedication to a Nationwide Impact: The Great British Insulation Scheme

With great pride, Ignite Property Group announced earlier this year its involvement in The Great British Insulation Scheme. This scheme is a perfect example of our commitment to improving homes all around the nation. We are taking an important role in this programme by actively contributing to it to help homes and homeowners across the country for years to come. Check if you're eligible for the scheme with our Great British Insulation Scheme eligibility checker

A Larger Office for a Better Future: New Horizons

Ignite Property Group moved to a larger, more vibrant office facility at the beginning of the year, marking a significant milestone. This shift represents our hope for an infinitely promising future, as well as our dedication to providing outstanding services. Our new office can be found at Unit 6, Brickfield Trading Estate, Brickfield Lane, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, SO53 4DR.

Expanding Our Team by Including New Talents

Our team's commitment and expertise are responsible for our successes. Ignite Property Group has onboarded a wave of outstanding people having tripled in size since this time last year, each of them contributing their special talents to our group's growth, most notably to our home insulation services, which allows us to fulfil more appointments and help more homeowners. Our workforce has grown, and this has given us more capacity to meet our client's evolving needs and the increasing demand for our services.

Accreditations, Milestones, and Media Recognition

In 2023, Ignite Property Group is pleased to have reached important benchmarks and obtained esteemed accreditations. Our achievement of the Constructionline Gold certification for health and safety as well as the OSCAR Onsite accreditation highlights our dedication to quality. These accolades demonstrate our steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards in our business practices. In addition, the media has taken notice of our remarkable achievements, including us in prestigious magazines like The Times and The Guardian. By the time the year ends, we are happy to report that we will have used an amazing 906m3 of bead insulation, or around 15,100 square metres, to properly insulate the roofs and cavities of 206 homes.

Prospecting: A Future Driven by Quality and Sustainability

Ignite Property Group is still dedicated to quality, innovation, and sustainability as we look to the future. Our goal is to see that every house in the future is a beacon of energy efficiency and comfort. We are taking steps in that direction with our larger office, increased personnel, survey successes, product options, and participation in The Great British Insulation Scheme.

In summary, Ignite Property Group experienced steady growth, significant accomplishments, and a positive transformation in 2023. We would like to thank our partners, clients, and team members for their continuous support. We shall keep igniting constructive changes in households and communities all around the United Kingdom by working together.


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