News Thermal Imaging Season is Ending


Thermal Imaging Season is Ending

It’s been a cold winter and the weather is slowly picking up with sunnier days, and warmer temperatures, flowers are beginning to bloom, and we’re reminded that spring is on the way. However, this means that the thermal imaging season is ending soon.

When Can I Book a Thermal Imaging Survey?

In order for a thermal imaging survey to be effective, there needs to be around an 8–10-degree Celsius temperature differential, making the winter months the ideal time for a thermal imaging survey to discover your heat loss.

As the temperature begins to heat up to around 12 degrees Celsius and above, a heat loss survey can still be captured, however, the results will be less conclusive and accurate. In warmer months, a well-insulated property will be able to regulate temperature keeping heat both in and out depending on the season. By contrast, an uninsulated property will tend to absorb heat as the climate warms making it difficult to ascertain whether the building is keeping the heat in from your heating system or simply letting the heat in from the sun.

Why Do I Need a Thermal Imaging Survey?

With increasing energy prices, and the focus on looking towards a more sustainable future, conducting a thermal imaging survey can provide you with a detailed analysis of the areas in your home that require the most attention. This could be as simple as using a draught excluder or it could help identify areas that are completely void of insulation, potentially saving you thousands of pounds for years to come.

What Will a Heat Loss Report Tell Me?

One of our experienced team members at Ignite Property Group will attend to your property and take a comprehensive survey of both the inside and outside of your property.

Once you’ve received your thermal imaging report, you will be presented with the overall findings for your property. This will then break down into more granular detail, where you will be given images of each area of your home and proposed actions to take to make it more efficient.

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